Monday after school we made a mad dash for the beach.  It is unseasonably warm this week and although everyone was tired it was unanimously voted that a beach run was in order.  I feel very blessed to live in an ocean town and may be a bit biased, but this is one of the prettiest beaches around.


We had another reason for going to the beach and that was to walk our dog.  Last week there was a shelter visit and we came home with a sweet 4 month old puppy named Millie. It was love at first sight for us but the clincher was her name.  That was my grandmothers name too.  We took care of the paperwork and brought her home and although it’s been less than a week, it feels like she’s been with us a lot longer.


Speaking of Millie (the Grandmother) she used to tell me when I was disappointed about something, to make lemonade out of my lemons.  I remember hearing this as a teen and I’m sure an eye roll ensued.  Although, this saying has stayed with me.  I’m sure there are much worse lemons than this one but I had a SEWING FAIL recently.  Back in May I started working on the fitted dress from the Alabama Studio + Design book (see here).  This dress didn’t get completely finished; it went in the bottomless pit of ‘projects to work on’.  It recently resurfaced and I thought it would be great to add sleeves and wear it this fall and winter.  When I added the sleeves I realized that the front and back neck lines were far to low and the shoulder pieces were thin and nothing was going to hold those sleeves up.  After I tried it on a few times, I realized that I looked like Elsa from Frozen, you know…when she transforms into the shoulder dress wearing ‘sexy’ Elsa.  Yeah, not a look for me.  Basically there was nothing holding the shoulders up where they should be on this dress.  I decided to cut the whole thing down to the skirt pattern from the book.  I bought 1″ fold over black elastic on Etsy, for the waist.  Then I pulled out my embroidery stitches and re-embroidered used black embroidery floss, to match the elastic.  It’s a simple and basic skirt now and I’ve worn it a ton.  There’s my lemonade.





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  1. Lisa says:

    That’s so funny–I think I tried the same thing once with an Alabama Chanin top and ended up with that same off-the-shoulder thing. Good save and good idea getting to the beach!

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