Happy February first to you!  I can’t believe this month is here already.  Time flies!  Often I don’t smile upon this month, as it can seem like the longest of the year (at least in snowy, cold New England).  This year I am excited for it as there hasn’t been much snow in these parts and a warm weather trip is planned for this family.  I even have a stack of shorts cut out to sew for the littles.  I’m on the hunt for a great book to bring with me on said warm weather trip.

Have you read anything great lately?

We visited one of our favorite places on Monday; the public library.  I can spend a ton of time there and luckily, so can my children.  We came back with an enormous haul of books, and I thought I’d share some of what we are reading with you.  I just finished ‘The Paris Architect’ by Charles Belfoure.  It was a quick read about a conflicted architect that takes place during WWII.  I couldn’t put it down.  I’ve also checked out ‘The Blasphemer’ by Nigel Farndale and ‘A Lady Cyclists’s Guide to Kashgar’ by Suzanne Joinson.  Both are historical fiction and I’m excited to read them.  The last book I picked up was ‘Raising Human Beings…Creating a Collaborative Partnership with Your Child’ by Ross W. Greene, PhD.

I don’t know about you, but I have quite a stack of parenting books that haven’t been read. I’ve a few that have been read maybe a quarter of the way, and then I just couldn’t get through them anymore.  Or I fell asleep.  I love the parenting books where you can look things up, like ‘Aren’t tantrums supposed to stop before the age of 5?’  and ‘Why is my eight year old sassing me?’ but sadly those books are few and far between.  I will say that I am already through Chapter THREE of this here book and still going strong.  It’s wonderful and all about listening to who your child is and what they are telling you (which is kind of easy, if you think about it).  I saw this book on the instagram feed of @mamaliberated, who is someone I follow.  She is a sewing, crafty mom (and so much more) and I greatly admire her parenting principals.  I think I will be purchasing this one and have just convinced the hubs to read it too.

‘How full is your bucket? for Kids’ by Tom Rath is a concept that my son’s preschool often talks about.  The book opens up with two siblings fighting (sound familiar?) and the concept behind why.  It also shows how you can lift others up (and yourself) with kind acts.  See folks?  Kindness does matter!  🙂  This is going to be on my permanent bookshelf soon.

At the library there was a whole area of children’s books about refugees.  Those librarians are unfailingly on target and always putting out wonderful things to grow young (and old) minds.  This book, ‘The Journey’ by Francesca Sanna is powerful.  So powerful, that I am going to buy them as gifts for young and old to add to their library.  The pictures are amazing and the story gave us a lot to talk about.  Especially with what is going on today in America and with small people who have questions.

This last book, ‘Du Iz Tak?’ by Carson Ellis was a Christmas present from Santa.  He really hit the mark because it has been read almost every day since Christmas!  The book is written in ‘bug-speak’ but very easy to figure out and gives us all a new appreciation for the lovely gladdenboot.  It is fun and goes through the seasons with beautiful illustrations.  It has become a family favorite here.

I’d love to hear what you and your family are reading!  Do tell….

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