Summer Tops

It seems kind of funny to title this blog post ‘Summer Tops’, a few days after a crazy snowstorm!  Snow storm ‘Stella’ just ripped through here on Tuesday leaving a snowy, icy mess.  The kids and I were housebound and cozy and it was exciting for them when we lost power for a few hours (maybe not so exciting as I kept reminding them not to open the refrigerator or flush the toilet).  The wind was crazy and our home is surrounded by a tall pine forest so there was a lot of tree watching going on; and boy did those trees bend and sway in the wind (yikes)!

But summer isn’t far off, right?  I needed a few things for our past warm weather trip and had just visited the lovely Pintuck & Purl, so let me show you what I whipped up.

The first top I made is the Gemma tank by Rae Hoekstra.  The fabric is ‘Lasformas Voile’ by Leah Duncan from the Yucca collection.  I have made this tank before (here) and really like it.  I like the jewel neck (higher neckline) and cut a size medium C/D cup and then tapered down to a small under the bust.  I hand sewed the hem as I was watching a movie and it’s always so relaxing to have handiwork in my lap.  It was a quick sew, very versatile and I love that it’s a pattern for woven fabric.

I also fell in love with some gorgeous Nani Iro ‘Colorful Pocho’ double gauze and NEEDED to make something with it.  I wanted to make a simple scoop neck woven top and thought I would try the Beatrix top (also by Rae Hoekstra), minus the buttons down the back.  I have made several Beatrix tops (here’s one and another) and really like this pattern.  For this top, I just cut the back piece on the fold,  making a size medium C/D cup.  Under the bust I tapered down to a size small.  I sewed french seams for a very clean look inside.  I love this pattern without the buttons too so there may be more buttonless Beatrix’s in my future.

Have you read anything great lately?  I’m looking for a great book and welcome suggestions…feel free to send them my way.  Have you seen anything great lately?  I can’t tell you how many times Captain Fantastic has played after the kids are in bed (it’s embarrassing).  Viggo Mortensen stars in this great film about someone that is just an exceptional Dad (minus a few choice parenting blunders).  This is a great movie!  Last thing I wanted to tell you is that Making magazine is now offering subscriptions.  If you are a knitter, sewer or crafter this magazine is bliss.

Happy weekending folks!


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6 Responses to Summer Tops

  1. You are so talented! i love these tops and the fabrics you find! I’m reading Lucy pearl right now and I’m loving it! I watched a wonderful epic movie called Palm trees in the snow. It was on netflix I think? Hope to s
    ee you this week!!! xox’s

  2. Lisa says:

    I love these tops! They look great! I’m reading Jane Austen’s novels, and I love them. I just finished Sense & Sensibility, and now I’m reading Pride and Prejudice.

  3. Rae Hoekstra says:

    These are great!! I’ve just cut out a Beatrix with CB on the fold as well, can’t wait to see how it turns out. So glad you’re enjoying Gemma and Beatrix!!

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