A belated birthday present….


Someone special turned 40 in September. And I promised that special someone a new Beatrix Top. And I got to work cutting out the pattern…and…*gasp*…to my horror, I did not cut the front piece of the pattern on the fold. Oh no folks, I cut it on the wrong side and then needed to order another yard….and then October was here and it was Halloween. And then November rolled around and it was my husbands birthday and my sons birthday and a trip to South Carolina for Thanksgiving. And then it was December. And my daughter’s birthday. And my birthday. And Christmas. (I don’t know about you but November and December are crazy busy months here!)  And then it was January.  At this point, I’d put the shirt-to-be in my pile of things to finish and, well, I didn’t.  Finish, that is.  Yesterday I decided it was time.  Plus, my friend is about to go away for a month (to somewhere warm and beautiful….jealous?  I am.) and then another month would have gone by…..so I got to sewing.  I loved sewing this top.  Not only because the fabric is beautiful (she picked it out, great taste, this friend!) but because the top is so flattering on.  And it’s a dream to sew.  It may be one of my favorite patterns!



The fabric is Alison Glass, Handcrafted, Geese in Tomato.  The pattern is the Beatrix Top by Rae from Made by Rae.  Here is a picture of the final top.  I love it and I know it will look stunning on my 40 years young friend!




There may be another one being made for me soon. Perhaps in this red plaid fabric?  Worn with dark jeans?  Yes, please.

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6 Responses to A belated birthday present….

  1. Sue Baker says:

    What a lucky friend! The top is so beautiful. What a nice addition for her to take on her trip.

  2. Dear Kim! Happy Tuesday, and by the way, you warm my heart as does this beautiful shirt you made for yor lucky friend. Do you think I could sew?! I know it takes incredible patience! Have a wonderful day! xo

  3. Beth says:

    Kim, this is beautiful! You are such a wonderful friend.

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