Beatrix love

Happy Friday to you!

I am going to jump right in here and tell you that I had a little selfish sewing this week and made myself the Beatrix top from Made by Rae.  This is the fourth one I’ve made (see the 3rd here) and I really love this top.  On one of my thrift store adventures I found this red plaid fabric that was lightweight and very inexpensive so I snatched it up.  I thought it would be great as short sleeve Beatrix as soon as I saw it.


First let me tell you a little bit about the pattern.  It comes in two different bodice sizes (A/B or C/D) which is so wonderful and makes it easy to just cut out your size. It has a back button placket although you can just pull the shirt on and off.  I recently saw a version online that didn’t use the button placket and just made the back one piece.  I may try that sometime if I have a busy piece of  fabric.  The instructions are fabulous, very detailed and organized, and if you are a fairly new sewer Rae holds your hand on paper.  I find this top to be very flattering on.  My wardrobe usually consists of jeans and a top and Beatrix looks great with jeans, but it can also be dressed up.  I made one last fall out of double gauze with 3/4″ sleeves and it became a staple.


Front view.



Back view. Please excuse the blurry picture.


I made the View A of the pattern but added the View B button placket.  I had some lovely linen cotton denim blend left in my stash and then I used a blue and white gingham for the underneath placket.  So there’s a little bit of party in the back, underneath.  I love how it turned out.






Paired with jeans. My staple wardrobe!

With this post, my weekend begins.  I found a very old gift card that I forgot about, for a massage (woohoo!) and I am off for some pampering before the kiddos are home from school.  Wishing you a little pampering and a great weekend!

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10 Responses to Beatrix love

  1. Kerrin says:

    Lovely! Enjoy your alone time!

  2. jgroeber says:

    Absolutely beautiful. How I love this. And I love picturing you whizzing along at your sewing machine deep into the wee hours of the night making something lovely for you. (I promise there’s a mama on the other side of town tapping away at her keyboard or carving a piece of wood and doing the same. Go, mamas!)

  3. Trish says:

    It looks great on you! And I hope your massage was FAB!!!!!

  4. Pop says:

    I like this blog and I don’t sew, even a little bit.
    Your writing is always clear and conversational and your comments on sewing and fabrics sound so professional. ?

  5. I want to bring my sewing machine over to your house, and make a beatrix shirt with you!!! xox’s

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